Liturgical Tour

Tour Guide: Brian Harries. The tour is intended for Year 8 students. The six sites given encompass the Liturgical Seasons of the Catholic Church. The students will be able to access information on individual seasons beginning with Advent/Christmas and concluding with Lent/Easter.


Where did it come from? Where is it going?
The Season Of Lent.
Forty Days Before Easter.
Catholic Encyclopedia.
Through the History and Tradition of the Church.
Catholic Calender Page.
Rituals For Christmas Celebration.

Liturgical Links

This site is a Question and Answer format about 40 days leading to Easter.
The Catholic Encyclopedia historically documents the Easter Events, through scipture.
The Catholic Calendar
This site explores the Liturgical Cycles of the Catholic Church. Advent to Easter
This site explores the origins of christmas through Roman, German and Celtic festivals.
This site explores christmas in cyberspace as well as traditional origins.
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